Your birth experience matters.


It is life changing. It is beautiful. It is powerful.

The way that you and your partner prepare for and approach birth matters. 



Brittani Curtis

+ Pre-natal Coach

+ Birth Educator

+ Certified Birth Doula


I've lived in central Phoenix for nearly 10 years, but I'm a Minnesota girl at heart (I've gotten used to wearing flip flops at Christmas, but snowflakes still make my heart skip a beat)! I've always been passionate about empowering women and families. Before training to be a doula, I worked for an international charity that empowers families to combat extreme poverty around the world. Today, as a birth doula, I'm advocating for, and empowering, women and families in my community. I love being a doula because I'm able to walk hand-in-hand with pregnant women and their partners as they journey towards child birth!





I'm passionate about helping you define what's important to you. Once you and your partner have identified your values, we'll work together to build the support that's right for you. There's no lack of information, but finding the right information, at the right time, is critical to your well-being as you navigate this important stage of life. 



What is a doula?


The way that you and your partner prepare for and approach birth matters. However, it can be hard to know where to start. The books, classes, and to-do lists can seem endless. How do you know what is right for you and your partner? A doula can be a helpful guide through all these questions and more!



I'd love to be there when your family grows!

Brittani definitely made my goal of having a successful vbac much easier to attain. My birth was a successful, positive experience. I owe much of that to Brittani! I am so thankful I had her to help me prepare. I know the experience would not have been the same without her!
— Megan